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In this world that has become a global village, communications underpin a complex global business network. Each country has its own financial, commercial, cultural and social characteristics – and of course, its own languages - and yet all participate in global financial, commercial, cultural and social changes and exchanges that take place at an alarming speed. All need to communicate in their languages. All need to understand communications in a variety of languages. All, therefore, need competent, capable, trained and ethical interpreters and translators.
More than ever, worldwide, translation and interpreting ensure effective and accurate communication, thus playing a critical role in assisting governments, businesses and individuals to overcome language and cultural barriers.
We offer full professional translation and interpretation services to individuals, businesses, agencies, government departments, NGOs, educational institutions, regulatory bodies, foreign missions, etc.
Ensuring the accuracy of communication is not just a wise business decision – it is a must if you wish to succeed. Businesses and other organizations need to be sure that their messages are accurately conveyed, and that the translated documents they are basing their major and minor decisions upon are true and precise. Individuals need to know that their thoughts and words are communicated accurately and objectively. We take this responsibility very seriously, and are committed to providing work of the highest accuracy, based on stringent professional and ethical standards.
Our quality control process means that we take care of your foreign language needs professionally, so that you only need to take care of your business strategy.
We recruit only trained professionals with excellent credentials. We possess a database of professionals, and work with competent interpreters, translators, and proofreaders to provide you with quality services at competitive and affordable prices.
Whatever your linguistic needs, if you choose us, you can be assured of accuracy, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Simultaneous Interpreting: the interpreter listens to the speaker and simultaneously interprets the speech from the source into a target language. Ideal in large conferences.

Consecutive Interpreting: the interpreter is near the speaker and interprets the speech into the target language after the speaker. No equipment is necessary.

Whispering or Chuchotage: the interpreter is near to one or two people who require interpreting and whispers the interpretation of the source speech.

Bidule: simultaneous interpreting with portable equipment without a booth. Very useful for small meetings or visits to factory plants.

We provide professional high quality interpreting services.
It is our goal to ensure that you are able to effectively and elegantly overcome any barriers to communication.
We provide interpretation services in many major languages for international conferences, teleconferences, seminars, business meetings, workshops, interviews, press conferences, and any type of situation in which individuals and groups need to communicate in a different language.
Our interpreters are trained professionals, expert in their respective fields, and are committed to maintaining confidentiality and high professional standards.
Please contact us for a free estimate.

Some of the major languages for which we provide interpretation services:

Our interpreters are professionals; they are competent, detached, circumspect, unobtrusive and discreet.

*For other languages, please enquire.

SARA BROWN Translator & Interpreter
Cel: 011 1559567984 - Mobile from abroad: 54 911 59567986
Skype: sara_a_brown